About Us

Founded in 2010 and registered in 2013, Rural Agriculture Development Organisation (RADO) is a non political, nongovernmental organisation whose mission and objectives are to empowered rural farmers/communities by providing them with modern knowledges and skills to improved households incomes through village vegetables gardenings and seasonal cultivations of perenial crops.  RADO yearn for a "Food Secure Rural South Sudan". To achieved this, RADO primary objective is training of rural farmers on modern agricultural skills like horticulture and ox plough farming, putting much empathies on environmental and natural resources conservation, promoting sustainable agricultural pratices.

RADO History:

The brain behind RADO foundation is a gentleman named Abednego Majack Macharial. As a child, Abednego knew first- hand the realities of war and displacement during the SPLM war with Sudan government. He become curious about the sources of food aid, and as he learned where it came from, he began to think about a self reliance and food- secure South Sudan. He aspired to returned to school and learned to become a community development worker, and for the past 10 years he has worked for many nternational organisations such as International Rescue Committee (IRC), National Democratic Institute (NDI), United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), Oxfam GB and now, the Obakki Foundation.

Seeing the need for an indigenous NGO that his community can call their own, Abednego found RADO in 2010 and get it registered in 2013. Our Team in RADO strives to empower farmers to fight hunger and alleviate poverty, and our goal is to see a food-secure and hunger free rural community in South Sudan.

Our Team:

Our team of 6 full-time staff and 3 volunteers is comprise of trained agriculturalists, trained solar technicians, boreholes drillers and veterinary/animals health workers, community outreach officer, logistician and a financial officer. Our activities are governed by a full time functional and active board of directors headed by renown teacher and elder, Gabriel Kuc Abiei.

Our Strengths:

As an indigenous NGO, we have resolves to serve in all circumstances. We are familiar with the situation-on-the ground and guided by the felt needs of our community. Our focus as a development organisation is on rural agriculture and famrming, which does not recieve sufficient attention in relief efforts. As we work, we understand the importance of cultivating community ownership, accountability and sustainability and seek to remained as an NGO that a community can call their own.